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PVC Banners UK

Wall Mounted Banner Frames

Use wall space to its maximum potential with banners displayed on Wall Mounted Banner Frames.

This innovative product manufactured from lightweight aluminium and plastic extrusion features a push-fit frame which can be used time and time again. Every Wall Mounted Banner Frame system offers an understated and non-intrusive solution for the display of permanent banners on internal walls.

It's quick and simple to change banners and the Wall Mounted Banner Frame system ensures the banner is pulled into position with ease. The Wall Mounted Banner Frame is supplied complete with backing frame and push-fit tension strips and the banners used need no special finishing.

Wall Mounted Banner Frames - minimum effort, maximum impact.

Key features:

  • Light Weight Aluminuim Extrusion
  • Push Fit Frame
  • Reusable frame
  • No Special Finishing required for banner
  • Quick Change Banner
Price On Request...

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